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We use advanced mathematics to create disrupting artificial intelligence tools
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We are a fast-growing startup with locations in New York City, Columbia, MD and in the Silicon Valley, CA.

Technical opportunities are in our Maryland location (Money Magazine's #1 Best Place to Live in America, 2016) for candidates with strong mathematical and engineering backgrounds and a creative, can-do attitude.  Products enable signal classification of real-world sensor and image data.

Sales and customer operations opportunities are available in New York City and in the Bay Area.

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Columbia, MD

Reality AI Columbia Offices

Our AI tools live in the cloud. We need a great UX, robust data flow and indestructible elastic computing. In this position, you will be designing and building API services for data-intensive web applications supporting GUI Apps, RestAPIs, and scalable computing.

Core skills sought (3-5 years): node.js, MongoDB, API frameworks (e.g., Stongloop). Comfortable with containerization (Docker / Kubernetes) and micro-services. CI/CD experience desired. Angular helpful but not required. Experience in working with a variety of data file types (csv/audio/hdf5/bin) and having your head around efficient large-scale data translation and manipulation a definite plus.

Candidates should be very strong in MATLAB programming, as well as in C / C++ and/or Python. MS Studio Tools and/or web app experience helpful. Experience in varieties of machine learning algorithms, machine vision, deep learning, or emerging methods a plus — and is absolutely required for all but entry level. Bonus points for signal processing and sensor analytics skills.
This position requires practical, hands-on experience with machine learning methods and an understanding of signal and/or image processing. Looking for experience including modern SVM and ensemble methods (not just deep learning), unsupervised learning, clustering and anomaly detection. Candidate should be very strong in MATLAB programming, competent in C / C++ and/or Python. Candidate should understand engineering basics of signal and image processing, more is better - exposure to modern sparsity and dimensionality reduction concepts a strong plus. Experience with big data at scale also a plus. In this role you will work on bringing client projects to fruition as well as in developing and testing new ideas and algorithms in our products. The successful AI engineer candidate above entry level will be prepared to step up and lead both projects and teams once they get their feet.

New York City, NY

Reality AI New York Offices

Work part-time as an intern with the Customer Success team. 

You’ll identify and solve customer problems, and help them through the journey from trial to a deployed solution. 

Quantitative, mathematical or statistical background is a must. Knowledge of or exposure to machine learning is a very strong plus. A great opportunity for the math, science or engineering major who also wants to work with people.

This is a Product Management role with a strong dose of hands-on operations. You’ll be responsible for taking control of a rapidly growing services business inside an AI software company.

We’ll ask you to define product offering and manage the implementation of customer engagements to collect and label data for use in creating artificial intelligence and machine learning models. You’ll coordinate and execute customer projects, define process, develop procedures and protocols, create sales/marketing collateral, support sales/customer success efforts, and maintain relationships with the platforms and service offerings we use for client delivery.

This is a great opportunity for someone with a management consulting or data science background who wants to make the jump to product management or customer-facing operations while working in Artificial Intelligence.

Silicon Valley, CA

Reality AI Silicon Valley Offices
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