We use advanced mathematics to create disrupting artificial intelligence tools for engineers building all kinds of smart, connected products... and we need people to design, build, sell and support them.


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We are a fast-growing startup with locations in New York City, Columbia, MD and in the Silicon Valley, CA.

Technical opportunities are in our Maryland location for candidates with strong mathematical and engineering backgrounds and a creative, can-do attitude.  Products enable signal classification of real-world sensor and image data.

Sales and customer operations opportunities are available in New York City and in the Bay Area.

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New York City, NY

Silicon Valley, CA

Candidates should be very strong in MATLAB programming, as well as in C / C++ and/or Python. MS Studio Tools and/or web app experience helpful. Experience in varieties of machine learning algorithms, machine vision, deep learning, or emerging methods a plus — and is absolutely required for all but entry level. Bonus points for signal processing and sensor analytics skills. U.S. citizenship or permanent residency required.
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But come back as we will be hiring again soon!
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But come back as we will be hiring again soon!

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