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Your AI Signal Processing Engineer

Detects Anomalies and Classifies Signals

Generates unique and exclusive detection code, to incorporate into your automotive, industrial IoT and consumer products.

Delivers results where other methods fail

Identifies signatures of real-world events and conditions in noisy, high variation, signals and sensor data.

Puts AI on your microcontroller

Can run embedded in firmware, in real time, on inexpensive, commodity hardware, at the edge.

Industry Solutions

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Industrial Equipment & Manufacturing


Health & Medical

Accepts all Sensors types

Accelerometry and Vibration

Reality AI can recognize subtle signatures in acceleration and vibration, even in high variation applications and noisy environments.


Ambient sound is an underutilized resource for many industrial, automotive and consumer applications. Reality AI is highly effective at extracting signatures of specific events and conditions in noisy environments.

Image and LiDAR

RGB, LiDAR, radar, thermal, multispectral and hyperspectral imagery are all in increasing use for a variety of tasks across industries. Reality AI is especially good at identifying surface textures and discontinuities in surface texture across all imaging types.

Other Sensors

Reality AI is sensor agnostic and can easily handle many data channels. Use Reality AI with your proprietary sensors, or other sensors not listed here, alone or in combination. The only limit is the available processing power.

Easily combine sensors for Sensor Fusion

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