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Build Smart Products with Edge AI and Sensors

Reality AI gives engineers the tools to make every product intelligent.

Actual Customer Use Cases

Use our pre-trained Edge AI solutions, or build your own

Reality AI has pre-built and pre-trained solutions to common challenges, and also offers a robust platform that R&D teams can use to configure their own solutions to more unique problems.

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Reality AI Tools®

Software for feature exploration and visualization, AutoML generation of machine learning models, Edge AI embedded deployment, bill-of-materials optimization, and data readiness. Use it to build your own unique predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, or environmental sensing solution.

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Reality AI Solutions

Pre-trained models that can be ported to your processing environment and audio pathway for automotive sound recognition and localization, consumer/commercial sound recognition, presence detection, voice/wakeword anti-spoofing.          

Fully Explainable Edge AI Inference that Manages Constraints

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See Around Corners with Sound

RealityCheckTM Wake Word Authentication

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