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A Smarter Way to Make Intelligent Machines

Transforming the design and development of smart devices using sensors and Edge AI

Use one of our Edge AI solutions, or build your own

Reality AI has pre-built and pre-trained solutions to common challenges, and also offers a robust platform that R&D teams can use to configure their own solutions to more unique problems.

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Reality AI Tools®

Software for feature exploration and visualization, AutoML generation of machine learning models, Edge AI embedded deployment, bill-of-materials optimization, and data readiness. Use it to build your own unique predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, or environmental sensing solution.

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Reality AI Solutions

Hardware reference designs and pre-trained models that can be ported to your processing environment and audio pathway for automotive sound recognition and localization, consumer/commercial sound recognition, presence detection, voice/wakeword anti-spoofing.         

Fully Explainable Edge AI Inference that Manages Constraints

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Traditional Approaches to
Edge AI / TinyML

"Data is the starting point. Begin there to find the best algorithm and train it."



“Data is the result of instrumentation. Start there to find the best solution.”

Reality AI offers AI-driven technology to help you find the most cost-effective instrumentation, components, and placement - and to build, optimize and deploy ML models in your product’s firmware.

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See Around Corners with Sound

RealityCheckTM Wake Word Authentication

Anomaly Detection


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Stuart explains why sound detection is a critical part of ADAS and autonomous driving. He shares the science behind Reality AI’s technology, and how it finds unique features in sounds to accurately identify them.


Working with its partner DENSO Corporation, Reality AI has developed a new software solution that uses external microphones on cars to detect targets that are not in the direct line of sight.

Sensing Solutions for Automotive Applications – Q&A with Infineon

“a completely new sensory input for cars… will likely play an important role in future sensor suites” — Lars Ulrich, VP of Automotive at Infineon Technologies Americas