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Add Advanced Sensing
to your product with Edge AI

Pre-built Edge AI sensing modules,
plus tools to build your own.

Turn sensor data into TinyML models + optimized hardware,
then deploy them on the Edge


Pre-built sound recognition models for indoor and outdoor use cases
Solution for industrial anomaly detection
Pre-built automotive solution that lets cars "see with sound"


Build prototypes, then turn them into real products
Explain ML models and relate the function to the physics
Optimize hardware, including sensor selection and placement

Fully Explainable Edge AI Inference that Manages Constraints

100  x
1250  x
Less Power Required
600  x

Traditional Approaches to
Edge AI / TinyML

"Data is the starting point. Begin there to find the best algorithm and train it."



“Data is the result of instrumentation. Start there to find the best solution.”

Reality AI offers AI-driven technology to help you find the most cost-effective instrumentation, components, and placement - and to build, optimize and deploy ML models in your product’s firmware.

Ready to Try It Out?

Reality AI in Action

See Around Corners with Sound

RealityCheckTM Wake Word Authentication

Anomaly Detection


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Reality AI today announced the beta program for “Reality AI for MATLAB”, an add-on to its Reality AI Tools® software that enables users to develop optimized feature computations and machine learning models for advanced sensing automatically.

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