Slide Practical. Tactical. Real. Incorporate Edge AI / TinyML and Sensors into your product.

Practical. Tactical. Real.

Incorporate Edge AI / TinyML and Sensors into your product.

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AI Tools - Laptop

Reality AI Tools®

Build AI models for sensor data using physics-based Explainable AI, optimize for Edge AI / TinyML, evaluate sensor selection and placement, set minimum component specifications, manage training and testing data.
Automated Feature Exploration and Model Generation
  • AutoML (No Coding)
  • Explainability
Use AI to find the most cost-effective components
  • Cost-Optimized Specifications
  • Minimum Sensor Set
Understanding the state of training and testing data
  • Automated
  • Consistency
  • Quality
  • Coverage
Super-compact, efficient code for the smallest MCUs
  • Embedded Code Generation
  • Ease of Deployment

Reality AI Solutions

Enable your product to recognize and respond to sounds with Reality AI pre-built solutions. Recognize common household, commercial security, and automotive sounds. These are ready to calibrate for your device, port to your processor, and incorporate it into your product.
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*All sound recognition and authentication models can be calibrated to customer hardware specifications, and are fully compatible with embedded wake-word and voice UI audio processing pathways.

Data Collection Screen

Data Services

Reality AI will work with your engineering team to make sure your data collection is machine-learning-ready and cost-optimized for success.

Only Available to Reality AI Tools and Reality AI Solutions Users.

  • Data Collection Planning
  • Instrumentation Planning
  • Collection and Labeling
  • Synthetic Augmentation

Project Support

Reality AI will support your engineering team throughout the process. While never required, we are prepared to provide professional services whenever needed.
Project Support