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Reality AI Tools®

Build AI models for sensor data using physics-based Explainable AI, optimize for Edge AI / TinyML, evaluate sensor selection and placement, set minimum component specifications, manage training and testing data.

Automated Feature Exploration and Model Generation
  • Auto ML (no coding)
  • Explainability

Use AI to find the most cost-effective components

  • Cost-Optimized Specifications
  • Minimum Sensor Set

Understanding the state of training and testing data

  • Automated
  • Consistency
  • Quality
  • Coverage

Super-compact, efficient code for the smallest MCUs

  • Embedded Code Generation
  • Ease of Deployment
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Automotive SWS

Built with Reality AI Tools® in partnership with group of Tier 1 automotive suppliers, Automotive SWS lets cars see around corners with sound.   Designed as a supplement to ADAS and collision avoidance systems based on camera, lidar, or radar, SWS puts an array of microphones on the outside of the car to detect and localize emergency vehicles, cars, and other road participants.


RealityCheck AD for Industrial Anomaly Detection

A ready-to-implement solution for monitoring factory and process-industry assets. Just attach a Reality AI edge node plus sensor, and automatically generate a baseline anomaly detection model.  Over time, build your anomaly database and train additional models for detecting or predicting specific faults, or for predicting the remaining useful life of components.  We offer a range of sensor options, including ones certified for corrosive or explosive environments.

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RealityCheck™ Voice Anti-Spoofing

Don’t let your voice interface be fooled by entertainment systems, Bluetooth speakers, or other recorded voices.   Detect and suppress wake words or voice commands that don’t originate from a live person.   This extremely compact firmware module from Reality AI – compatible with major wake word processing stacks – detects the difference between the sound of a real person speaking, and the sound of someone’s voice being played back thru a speaker.  Greatly reduces false wake-ups and erroneous command responses.

Acoustic Event Detection

Reality AI offers compact, cost-effective widgets for recognizing many common household and outdoor sounds, including glass breaking, babies crying, emergency vehicle sirens and others.  Ask about the ones most important for your product.

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Project Support

Reality AI will support your engineering team throughout the process. While never required, we are prepared to provide professional services whenever needed.