Life on the Edge:

Using Embedded AI with Sensor Data to Create Products

Tools on screen

Reporting sensor readings is easy. Building products that automate interpretation is hard, but not impossible.

Learn how to create products with real-world variation outside engineering models, made for real-time processing at the Edge, managing real-life constraints (size, power, price).

This talk will provide an overview of existing and emerging AI techniques and will help you better understand the importance of feature selection, how to use the latest machine learning and AI techniques on sensors data, what is different if you need an embedded solution, and how to avoid the common pitfalls of AI at the edge.


  • AI methods suitable for real-time sensor data
  • Making it work at or near the edge
  • Rich data vs Poor Data
  • The lab vs the real world
  • Why it’s really all about the features
  • Dealing with constraints and managing tradeoffs
  • Real-world case studies
  • Q&A Session


CEO + Co-Founder @Reality AI

Stuart is co-founder and CEO of Reality AI, an artificial intelligence company focusing on sensors and signals. Reality AI software makes machines using sensors faster, cheaper, more accurate, and smarter. Detect anomalies, make predictions, and classify signals in real-time, at the edge, with inexpensive hardware. Reality AI was awarded 12 patents and has 6 more pending, all in the field of machine learning as applied to sensors and signals processing.


October 10th, 2018 at 7:00 pm (GMT-4)

October 24th, 2018 at 10:00 am (GMT-4)

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