Edge AI Use Cases Built by Reality AI Tools®

Edge AI for Automotive


Emergency Vehicle Detection

Detect sirens from emergency vehicles and localize them. Identify the direction of sounds as originating in front of, behind, to right, or to left.

Our Edge AI solutions can handle reflections and refractions caused by buildings and other obstacles. You can customize to specific microphones, different geographies, or improve them with additional detection targets.

terrain detection snow

Terrain Detection and Traction Classification

Identify specific terrain under vehicle according to factors affecting ride quality and traction. Identify wet, snow, ice, sand, gravel. Classify pavement by road type.

Applications include ride management, autonomous operation, and smart-city applications. Uses exterior microphone mounted to vehicle and/or accelerometer attached to suspension, depending on specific detection/classification targets.


Condition Monitoring and Wear Detection

Identify the condition and state-of-wear of automotive components and predict remaining useful life.

We have successfully applied this to filters, tires and mechanical components. Use small, inexpensive mems sensors and low-end microcontrollers to turn components into “smart” components.

Edge AI for Consumer and Commercial Products


Presence and Intrusion Detection

Use a variety of sensors to detect when someone is present nearby.

For use in security and facilities management applications.


Movement Detection

Detect and classify specific motions. Sensitive enough for remote detection of breathing, chewing, falls.

Also useful for presence and intrusion detection. This Edge AI solution is coming soon, based on the Fujitsu Components FWM7RAZ01 doppler sensor.


Sound Event Detection and Recognition

Identify common sound events for security applications such as glass breaking, babies crying, dogs barking, sirens and alarms etc


Activity and Gesture Detection

Use accelerometers to identify specific motions, activities or gestures.

Built for “smart” personal care products but easily adapted to fitness and other applications, including User Interfaces. Works with Cortex M4, but depending on specific use case can be optimized for M3 or M0+.

Edge AI for Industrial Use

industrial machine 1

Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Identify the state of any machine in real-time.

Requires customization to the specific machine type and function, but has been successfully used for pumps, conveyors, valves, and motors – so far.  Uses accelerometers, vibration sensors, and or sound, depending on the specific use case.


Remaining Useful Life and Time-to-Failure Prediction

Identify the state of wear and predict the time left before maintenance is required for mechanical components.

Requires customization for the specific use case.  This Industrial Edge AI solution as been successfully used with valves, pumps, and filters – so far.  Uses accelerometers, sound and/or differential pressure sensor, depending on the specific use case.

rotating industrial

Anomaly Detection

Detect unusual patterns on mechanical equipment, in real-time, using vibration, sound or other sensor inputs.  Doesn’t just say that something is “vibrating more” — it detects when it’s vibrating differently.

Requires configuration for specific use cases.  Successfully used with pumps, fans, valves and other types of rotating equipment.

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