Let your device hear and recognize sound with Reality AI

Sound Recognition Capabilities

100% embedded means total privacy

All collected sound is processed locally. Since no audio is streamed to the cloud, your customers’ privacy is protected.

Can run on a Cortex M4 or M7 processor, using a MEMS microphone — inexpensive commodity hardware available from many suppliers.

Runs on inexpensive microcontrollers, reducing your Bill-of-Materials (BOM)

Detects many sound events out of the box. But you can also add your own sound recognition classifiers

Available now:

  • Glass break
  • Emergency vehicle siren

Coming soon:

  • Door knock
  • Baby crying
  • Dog barking
  • Household alarm

Easily customizable with new event types.

Fully integrated hardware and software is available using the i.MXRT Voice Assist and Anomaly Detection boards from NXP. Move quickly and inexpensively from prototype to production.

Complete ready-to-deploy solution available, featuring the i.MXRT from NXP Semiconductors

Port to your own platform of choice

Quickly and easily port the Reality AI solution to your own hardware platform. Will run on Cortex M4 or equivalent, with low memory and RAM footprint.

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Reality AI Sound Recognition Solution is available for the i.MXRT Voice Assist board from NXP

Powered by a Cortex M7 with an onboard two-mic array, this board can run Reality AI software with plenty of capacity left over for other functions. NXP also provides this board with Amazon Echo wake word processing libraries,  so it can be used together with Reality AI to make your device fully voice and sound aware. The form factor is designed to fit inside a typical light-switch fixture.

I.MXRT Voice Assist MCU

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