Sensing Surroundings

Use Reality AI to make your products aware of their surroundings, using vision, sound, vibration, and other sensors.

Sense events and conditions around or inside a vehicle

  • In the cabin, relating to drivers and passengers

  • Under the hood, relating to mechanical components

  • Outside the vehicle, including road surface conditions like puddles, snow, gravel, potholes, and speedbumps

  • In the factory, for predictive maintenance on manufacturing equipment

  • Anomalous behavior or activity

Using any signal input alone or in combination for sensor fusion:






Proprietary Sensors



Watch our Automotive Customer Use Case Video:

North American Lighting (a division of Koito Group)

In this video, Takeshi Masuda and Amit Mehta, of the North American Lighting Silicon Valley Lab, a new division of the Koito Group, explain how this tier one automotive supplier is using Reality AI technology to improve the accuracy of the Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB).

Koito is the world's leading maker of exterior automotive lighting, and they announced the concept for their next generation ADB headlight, featuring Reality AI technology, at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

Watch our Ambient Sound Detector Demonstration Video

Ambient sound is an underutilized resource for many industrial, automotive and consumer applications. Reality AI is highly effective at extracting signatures of specific events and conditions in noisy environments. 

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Explore the technical details behind the Reality AI approach to machine learning with signals

  • Why signals require a different approach than other machine learning problems

  • The importance of "features" to effective machine learning

  • Why the FFT probably isn't good enough, and what other options are better

  • The difference between Reality AI and Deep Learning