Reality AI Tools®

Reality AI Tools is cloud-based software that allows engineers to expose their sensor data to Reality AI

A powerful Signal Processing AI, at the Edge, in real-time, using inexpensive commodity hardware

  • Discovers optimized features from your data.

  • Automatically generates machine learning models using discovered features

  • Allows for cloud-based testing and validation, before exporting to embedded environments

  • Generates inference code, compiled for your specific target, allowing machine learning models to run on edge devices

Target Value Prediction Accuracy

Reality AI Tools shows you what features and what parts of the input signal actually matter to the algorithm:


Wondering whether your data is good enough to generate a model?

Reality AI Tools also provides a full range of functionality for data sourcing, curation, and readiness assessment.  Get an in-depth analysis including file consistency, class coverage and quality of data.

Data Readiness

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