Reality AI Tools®

AI-Drive Engineering Software for Product Development

AI Explore™ Automated Feature Exploration and Model Generation

    • Classification, Regression, Anomaly Detection and Target Localization Models
    • 10,000+ combinations of signal processing and statistical features covering time and frequency domains  
      • Common transforms on raw data, including logs, powers, derivatives, sign, and more
      • Parametric statistical features and peak analysis
      • Spectral features, including power, phase, spectral shape, periodicity, cepstral, wavelet, and more
      • Linear and non-linear dimensionality reduction methods
      • Time-frequency sparse coding and time pattern analysis
      • Binary pattern and texture analysis 
    • Automatic optimization of selected feature spaces
    • Automatic model generation and tuning to selected feature spaces
    • Variety of real-time data parsing and triggering methods, including sliding window, energy peak segmentation, and transform-driven segmentation
    • Variety of real-time smoothing and post-processing methods
    • Automatic pre-processing for Radar data
    • Explainability visualizations relating model function to underlying physics

Bill-of-Materials (BOM) Optimization

    • Automatic sensor channel comparison
    • Most-cost-effective combination analysis for best components, best placement
    • Processor Requirements
    • AI-driven component specifications
      • Tolerance
      • Noise
      • Sample rate
      • Bit depth
      • RAM

Data Readiness

    • Automated checking as new data is added to Reality AI Tools®
    • AI-driven identification of issues with
      • File consistency
      • Data quality
      • Data coverage
      • Time coverage

Edge AI / TinyML code generation

    • Compact, efficient code for Cortex M- , Cortex A-, Cortex R- and non-Cortex architectures
    • Compatible with chips and IDEs from all major manufacturers
    • Linux and Windows also available
    • Avoids open source for clean licensing and no IP issues
    • Easily integrates with customer firmware with a few lines of code and an #include file.
    • Source code available for QA and certification purposes