Webinar: How to Build Products Using Sensors and AI

An overview of Reality AI 4.0 including tools for optimizing BoM and managing data collection, plus improved AutoML and TinyML / Edge AI functionality



  • Time Slot 1: May 12th: 2PM Eastern Time / 11AM Pacific Time
  • Time Slot 2: May 14th: 9PM Eastern Time / 6PM Pacific Time / May 15th: 10AM Japan Time *Japanese Translation Available/スライドに日本語訳がついています。説明は英語で行われます*


Where: On Your Computer Screen (at a safe social distance)


Learn how Reality AI Tools® version 4.0 allows you to use artificial intelligence to reduce the cost of developing, procuring and manufacturing smart devices.

Reality AI Tools® 4.0 includes new modules for optimizing the bill of materials (BoM) through AI-driven selection of sensor channels and component specifications, as well as for reducing the cost of data collection.  It also contains significant enhancements to its market-leading machine learning software for automatic feature analysis and model generation, for explainability, and for automated export of models to tiny processing platforms such as Cortex M-class microcontrollers (MCUs).