Reality AI takes top startup prize at IoT World 2017

Reality AI wins the Project Kairos “Innovation of Things” Award at IoT World 2017.

IoT World sponsors a startup pitch competition in conjunction with Project Kairos, looking for the most innovative startups active in the Internet of Things.

Nalin presented Reality AI at the Project Kairos competition, made the finals out of more than 100 startups, and WON!  

“We were looking for the innovative and potentially most valuable (company)” said Eric Winsborrow, spokesperson for the panelist of judges and CEO of Distrix Networks, the 2016 Innovation of Things Award winner.

“What we liked about (Reality AI) the most is that it had a huge impact. It was really game-changing, yet the approach was simple enough. It essentially allowed all the blue sky without boiling the ocean.”

We’re so proud!

Proud of the hard work by our team, and proud of the incredible customer engagement that has allowed us to build such a great product.

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