Reality AI Partners with Infineon to Let Cars See Around Corners with Sound

COLUMBIA, Maryland (18 March 2021) –   Reality AI today announced the availability of “Automotive SWS,” a new system solution (patent pending) that uses machine-learning-based algorithms and an external microphone array to help cars “See with Sound.”  Working with Infineon Technologies, a world leader in semiconductor solutions, and other partners, Reality AI has developed a system architecture, sample hardware, and firmware, and a product development program for Automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to create their own versions of this system.

Reality AI’s Automotive SWS is especially helpful for detecting emergency vehicles, cars, and other road participants that are not in the direct line-of-sight. Focused on driver and passenger safety, the system detects emergency vehicles, cars, bicycles, and other road participants based on sound. It computes bearing to target, distance and whether the target is approaching or receding- alerting the driver and identifying which direction the driver should look to see a target coming. Separately, Reality AI worked with Hagiwara Electronics Co Ltd. and DENSO Corporation to develop specific functionality of the system for the automotive market.

The system uses the Infineon AEC-Q103 automotive-qualified XENSIV™ MEMS microphones (IM67D130A) with superior signal-to-noise ratio performance connected to an Infineon AURIX™ microcontroller (MCU) to provide best-in-class safety ASIL D performance.

“Infineon is a leader in the automotive industry and our partnership will enable more consumers to experience reliable and safe driver-assisted capabilities using AI,” said Stuart Feffer, co-founder and CEO at Reality AI. “We look forward to extending this partnership so we can jointly develop next-generation, innovative automotive applications that will make driving safer, more dependable and smarter using Infineon’s latest XENSIV MEMS microphones and AURIX MCU technologies.”

“The ongoing pursuit to enhance ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems), along with enabling safer highly-automated vehicles is a challenge for the entire automotive industry, and Infineon is committed to making that possible,” said Ritesh Tyagi, Head of Automotive Innovation Center at Infineon. “Reality AI’s sophisticated software algorithms combined with Infineon’s automotive components can provide a complementary and cost-effective sensing modality to the existing sensors being deployed in vehicles. Moreover, this sound-based sensing technology could also enable other applications outside ADAS, such as predictive maintenance and intrusion detection, to make it attractive for automotive manufacturers to innovate.”

Reality AI is now signing up partners for its 2021 Development and Demonstration Program for Automotive SWS.  It is open to automotive Tier 1and Tier 2 suppliers, as well as OEM car/truck makers.  More information is available at

An earlier version of this system won the 2020 Future Mobility Award in the category of “AI for Safety,” sponsored by Veoneer, Volvo, Zenseact and Mathworks. The Future Mobility Awards recognizes startups that are bringing the very best new innovations to the automotive industry.


Reality Analytics Inc. (“Reality AI”) is a provider of Edge AI software to corporate R&D departments in the automotive, industrial and consumer/commercial products sectors.   Reality AI is based in Columbia, Maryland, and maintains additional offices for sales and support in Silicon Valley,  Detroit and Tokyo, Japan.   The company’s main product is Reality AI Tools®, a software environment for creating and deploying smart devices using sensors.  Reality AI technology is covered by 15 US patents, with six additional patents pending.  Additional information at

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