Reality AI partners with Advantech for anomaly detection in industrial IoT

Advantech to supply edge nodes for RealityCheck AD, a new system from Reality AI.

MARYLAND (14 Sept 2021) – Reality AI today announced its partnership with Advantech, a leading brand in IoT intelligent systems, Industry 4.0, machine automation, embedding computing, and embedded systems, as the primary supplier of edge nodes for RealityCheck AD. Announced earlier this week, RealityCheck AD is an anomaly detection solution for industrial IoT that automatically learns the normal behavior of machines and reports on abnormalities. Customers can use RealityCheck AD to find patterns in idle time, automatically discover mechanical causes, and predict the remaining useful life of components. It can also be used for end-of-line quality control testing, spotting abnormalities in product function, and specific defects.

The pre-configured edge node supplied with RealityCheck AD is manufactured by Advantech to Reality AI’s specifications, and pre-loaded with Reality AI firmware. Once a node is registered and initialized, it will automatically learn normal patterns of equipment (or normal test results for quality control or end-of-line testing) and begin reporting anomalies both to Reality AI software and to other factory systems that subscribe to the data over MQTT. RealityCheck AD edge nodes can be managed remotely, and come with options for wired ethernet, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity. Other wireless protocol options are coming in future releases.

Power users will also be able to access both baseline and anomaly data in the Reality AI Tools® software — a cloud-based environment for creating advanced classification, regression, and anomaly detection models from non-visual sensor data. RealityCheck AD also contains APIs for integration into dashboards, manufacturing information systems, and workflow systems.

“Transformation at the edge is required for businesses to optimize and monetize their business workflows. The partnership with Reality AI is exciting as we can leverage market-leading edge units and IoT gateways, and bundle them with Reality AI software and services” said Shawn Jack, Associate Vice President of Sales and Partnership Alliances at Advantech.  “Our industrial customers are looking for solutions that help run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. The RealityCheck AD can support our clients with their advanced manufacturing initiatives.”

“Advantech is the perfect partner for Reality AI as we roll out RealityCheck AD,” said Stuart Feffer, CEO at Reality AI. “They are a leading provider of industrial-strength edge computing devices, and give us a great deal of power in a compact package.”

RealityCheck AD, featuring edge nodes from Advantech, is now available in beta to select customers, with the full release coming in January 2022. 

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