Reality AI Announces Partnership with ARM for Machine Learning on Low-Cost Microcontrollers

Columbia, Maryland, September 30, 2020 – Reality AI, a provider of AI-enabled software for R&D engineers building products with sensors, today announced that it has joined the Arm AI Partner Program. Applications like sound and gesture recognition, predictive maintenance, and environmental sensing often need to be implemented on low-cost components to meet a customer price-point, leading engineers to look for ways of implementing AI on low-power, low-memory microcontrollers. Reality AI focuses on implementing advanced sensing AI software in these highly constrained environments.

“Joining the Arm AI Partner Program will help us rapidly scale and drive adoption of machine learning on Arm Cortex processors,” said Stuart Feffer, CEO of Reality AI. “We’re excited to be working with Arm to market and support engineers developing products using sensors and Arm-based microcontrollers.”

“The Arm AI Partner Program is focused on creating and nurturing strategic and innovative alliances to provide best-in-class tools and algorithms that simplify AI deployment,” said Jem Davies, vice president, general manager, and fellow, Machine Learning Group, Arm. “Reality AI brings a different approach to edge AI through hardware optimization and MCU modeling, a welcome new addition to the rapidly expanding Arm ecosystem.”

Reality AI Tools® software has long supported the implementation of machine learning models on Arm ® Cortex™-M. It includes modules for automated feature discovery and optimization, automated model construction, and code export to embedded environments, including microcontrollers from all major manufacturers. It also includes modules for optimizing a product’s bill of materials, using AI to select the best performing sensors and sensor placements, as well as to set minimum component specifications.

Reality Analytics Inc. (“Reality AI”) is a provider of AI-driven engineering software to corporate R&D departments in the automotive, industrial, and consumer/commercial product sectors. Reality AI is based in Columbia, Maryland, and maintains additional offices for sales and support in Silicon Valley, Detroit, and Tokyo, Japan. The company’s main product is Reality AI Tools®, a software environment for creating and deploying smart devices using sensors. Reality AI technology is covered by 14 US patents, with four additional patents pending. Additional information at

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