Reality AI in ISG Insights article on drone data analytics.


"Commercial drone use may have seemed a long way off in late 2013 when Amazon announced that it was interested in attempting to deliver packages with drones, directly from distribution centers straight to people’s doorsteps. At the time of that announcement, regulations and hardware were unclear and immature and no timeline was available.

The situation today couldn't be more different, as we found at last week’s Drone Data X conference in San Francisco, where we met with a variety companies focused on the emerging space of enterprise and commercial drone use. The uses of drones for business have gone far beyond deliveries, to include mapping, crop monitoring, measurements, and inspections, among others. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has responded, and is imminently going to respond again, this time with less restrictive rules around operators. The hardware, too, has matured – longer flight times, better controls, better automation, and more sophisticated payloads."