Mobility Xlab Interviews Future Mobility Award Winners

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Our Future Mobility Awards ended up being a great success, not to brag, but it was. We got to meet and get to know some real game-changing startups and scaleups who applied within our different award categories. So, we thought all of you should get the chance to know our winners better as well! In case you missed the ceremony, here they are: Teraloop (Sustainability), Reality AI (AI for Safety), Enervibe (Connectivity) and SiaSearch (Virtual Development).

Meet: Reality AI 

In the mobility industry safety is essential and the demands for it are sky high. Therefore it’s self explanatory that new methods and technologies are very important within this category. So, when looking for startups and scaleups in this area we knew we had to look for one improving safety for mobility solutions based on machine learning. But, since “mobility solutions” is so broadly defined it could have entailed anything from driver support to data management. You can imagine our excitement when we came across Reality AINalin Balan is the head of business development and he took some time to talk to us about their work and winning the Future Mobility Award.

“We believe that we were bringing a previously unexplored area of sensing to automotive perception. Most Advanced Driver Assistance Systems today mainly rely on computer vision. However, at Reality AI, we want to make the streets safer by ensuring Advanced Driver Assistance Systems use ALL of the senses to understand what’s happening around them. Not just sight! By giving vehicles a sense of hearing, we’ve shown here that sound can fill in the gaps where line-of-sight systems can’t see!”

Autonomous vehicle sensing approaches are traditionally heavily focused on the visual. Even non-image sensing modalities usually rely on computer vision techniques. But there are other senses too, and human drivers rely on them. They hear the sound of the vehicle, the road, and their surroundings. They feel how the car moves. A squeak or a shimmy is often their first hint that something is wrong. Reality AI brings these other senses into play. Reality AI’s automotive sound detection and localization solution provides vehicles with a “sense of hearing”: enabling non-line of sight applications such as seeing around corners or blind intersections with sound, or identifying approaching emergency vehicles and their direction of movement; thus allowing for appropriate mitigation by the driver, human or autonomous.

As far as applying to MobilityXlab’s Future Mobility Awards, Reality AI were curious about what and who they would find behind the scenes at MobilityXlab.

“We were excited to see the global corporations and ecosystem behind the Future Mobility Awards, and felt that applying for the awards would give us an opportunity to vet our automotive sound recognition solution by leaders in the mobility space. Being selected by these global corporations would give our solution credibility in the mobility market worldwide, as well as an opportunity for us to build a network with these companies to establish strategic partnerships.”

How do you feel about winning the award and what does winning mean for you going forward?

“We’re honoured to receive the award, and also very impressed with all the innovative startups that were nominated. It’s exciting to see that global leaders in mobility appreciate the need for our solution, and we feel positive about addressing a real market need. Winning the award is a form of validation from global mobility leaders and gives us a great platform for the public announcement of our solution! The momentum will help us promote our solution to automotive companies worldwide.”

Here at MobilityXlab we are impressed with all of the startups and scaleups who applied for the Future Mobility Awards and we believe that the connections made will bring so many exciting things for the future. 

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