Koito Group, the leading Tier 1 supplier of exterior automotive lighting, will announce at the Consumer Electronics Show that the concept version of their Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) headlights, a technology where high beam is perpetually actuated until oncoming traffic is detected, will be supported by artificial intelligence supplied by Reality AI

Koito collaborated with Reality AI, a New York and Maryland startup whose expertise is in using machine learning techniques with sensor signal inputs, after an extensive search of the market for automotive-related AI technology.  

“Reality AI’s signal-processing based approach and their ability to deliver an embedded solution is a positive step in delivering a product that will support the Mobility ecosystem,” said Tom Masuda, Project Director of NAL Silicon Valley Lab, a new division of the Koito Group.    

Reality AI is unique in that classifiers and detectors created with its technology can be deployed at the “edge” on cost-effective hardware. “We offer something that product developers often can’t find anywhere else,” said Stuart Feffer, chief executive officer and co-founder of Reality AI.

Check out the video use case: Koito ADB featuring Reality AI's Technology

Reality Analytics Inc. (Reality AI) is a developer of artificial intelligence tools focusing on sensors and signals. Using advanced, proprietary artificial intelligence techniques to detect real-world features and events in sensor data, Reality AI offers an application for R&D engineers that uses AI-based tools to detect anomalies and create signal classifiers. Reality AI’s technology is the subject of 10 US patents, with 6 more patents pending, all in the area of machine learning as applied to sensors and signals. For more info about Reality AI, visit our About Us page

About Koito

The Koito Group is comprised of the parent company (KOITO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.), 29 subsidiaries and 2 affiliates. Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Koito) has been marking a history of leadership in automotive lighting since its establishment in 1915. Today the lighting equipment and components are widely used in a variety of industries including transportation such as automobiles, aviation, railways, shipping and traffic systems. The company also develops a wide variety of electrical systems. The Koito Group makes full use of electronics and other cutting-edge technologies and conducts R&D activities to develop unique systems and multi-functional products to improve safety. For more information, visit www.koito.co.jp