RealityCheck AD | for Industrial Anomaly Detection


RealityCheck AD is a platform built to detect anomalies in a factoring setting. It is a complete hardware and software solution for equipment monitoring and end-of-line testing for quality control. You can deploy an edge node with one or more included sensors and immediately begin monitoring production equipment for unusual or anomalous functions. Over time, you can develop more detailed detection of specific conditions and predict problems before they occur.

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Problems we solve

  • Equipment problems before scheduled maintenance

  • Replaceable / serviceable parts get used up prematurely (eg filter clogging)
  • Unexpected problems

  • Equipment idle when it should not be

  • Information on specific production functions is difficult to obtain

  • Testing requires specific skills, training, or extensive experience

  • Testing that is subjective without reference to standards. “I know when I hear it”

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