Which best describes your need?

Just getting started

Reality AI offers comprehensive services for getting a project off the ground.   

We can help create a roadmap from proof-of-concept to finished product, define the scope of initial PoCs, help create the instrumentation and data collection plan, and then actually run the data collection, labeling and initial analysis using Reality AI Tools®.

Looking for a trial

We offer a structured 2 month assisted trial of Reality AI Tools® for a small fee. 

During that time, we’ll help you assess the readiness of your data, show you how to discover features and build machine learning models using Reality AI Tools, and give you an introduction to the “explainable AI “ features of the software, all using your own data while making progress on your project.

Ready to use our Edge AI

Our Edge AI Solutions are ready-to-implement in some cases, and ready to implement after customization in others.

Let’s talk about what you’re trying to do.