Reality AI Demo

Embedded AI using accelerometers and vibration

What you'll see

machine learning data high sample rate vibration waveform

Signature Recognition

Leverage Reality AIʼs powerful signature extraction and recognition capabilities.

edge detection microcontroller

Easily Embeddable

This demo shows detection using a 3-axis accelerometer and a Cortex M3 microcontroller, contained in a Bosch XDK.

How it works

The demo uses approximately 2-4 minutes of streaming accelerometer data recorded for each action and machine state using the Reality AI Starter Kit. Fan vibrations were also recorded on different surfaces and in different environments so that the AI could learn to screen out background variation.

We then used Reality AI Tools™ in the cloud to train classifiers that could recognize both the human activities and the machine states. Reality AI Tools can also be used for anomaly detection.

Detection code was then exported to the Bosch XDK development environment and loaded onto the chip. That classifier generates messages, which the XDK communicates to a listening app which displays results in a browser window.

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