Data Collection & Labeling Services

Need help getting started? 

Reality AI can help with you collect and label data for use with Reality AI Tools®.

Data Coverage Planning

A good planning will ensure you collect enough data to capture and overcome the variation inherent in what you’re trying to measure.

Collection Protocol Design

Our team will help you build carefully curated and designed data collection protocols, tailored to your unique implementation.

Collection Management and Execution

Data collection is easily the most expensive and most time-consuming aspect of any machine learning project. Let Reality AI handle it, so you can focus on what you do best!

Automated, semi-automated and crowd-sourced labeling

Labeling can be a very monotonous and labor-intensive task but it is essential to establish your ground truth. We are happy to help with various in-house perfected techniques for automated and semi-automated labeling. We can also manage crowdsourced labeling services on your behalf. 

Data Readiness

Not sure wether your data is good enough to generate a model? Use our Data Readiness tools for an in-depth analysis including file consistency, class coverage and quality of data.

Ask about the Reality AI Starter Kit

Prove feasibility at low cast before investing in further hardware and software development

  • Collect accelerometer and vibration data

  • Detect anomalies, or identify events and conditions

  • Design your production hardware based on requirements for sample rate, detection window, computational complexity, and accuracy - which you can determine in software without changing your rig.

Reality AI Starter Kit using Bosch XDK