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Rich Data, Poor Data: Getting the most out of sensors

Accelerometers and vibration sensors are having their day. As prices have come down drastically, we are seeing more and more companies instrumenting all kinds of devices and equipment. Industrial, automotive and consumer products use cases are proliferating almost as fast as startups with “AI” in their names.

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It’s All About the Features

We’re an AI company, so people always ask about our algorithms. If we could get a dollar for every time we’re asked about which flavor of machine learning we use –convolutional neural nets, K-means, or whatever – we would never need another dollar of VC investment ever again.

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What is a Sensor, Anyway

We all know what a sensor is, right?
A sensor makes “sense” of physical property — it turns something about the physical world into data upon which a system can act. Traditionally, sensors have filled well defined, single-purpose roles: A thermostat, a pressure switch, a motion detector, an oxygen sensor, a knock detector, a smoke detector, a voltage arrestor.

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