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Origins of Reality AI

Reality Analytics, Inc. (Reality AI) was founded by Jeff Sieracki and Stuart Feffer in 2015 to provide advanced signal recognition capabilities to connected device and software makers.

Many of the technologies Reality AI brings to market were originally developed by SR2 Group LLC, a company Jeff previously founded to provide R&D services in signal analytics to the intelligence and defense communities.

Reality AI has 12 US patents and 6 more pending, all in the areas of feature discovery and machine learning as applied to sensor and signal problems.

Reality AI has offices in New York, NY, Columbia, MD and Sunnyvale, CA.

Meet our team


Stuart Feffer

PhD, co-founder + CEO

Motto: Always be Groucho

Hobbies: Sailing, Complaining about not sailing

Favorite App: News

Spirit Animal: Bulldog

Favorite Technology: Anything using Reality AI

Chronotype: Early Bird


Jeff Sieracki

PhD, co-founder + CTO

Motto: Life is now...

Hobbies: Pilot, guitarist, sushi, extreme travel

Favorite App: Kindle

Spirit Animal: Frumious Bandersnatch

Favorite Technology: All things sparse

Chronotype: Walking dead (sleep eludes me.)


Nathan Wolfe

Lead Algorithm Engineer

Motto: When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all

Hobbies: Cooking, scuba, playing music with my punk/folk band "3AM"

Favorite App: Wolfram Alpha

Spirit Animal: I know my last name is Wolfe, but I resonate more with a house cat

Favorite Technology: Netflix

Chronotype: Night Owl


Nalin Balan

Business Development Director

Motto: Simplify

Hobbies: All things Soccer!

Favorite App: Headspace

Spirit Animal: Dragon

Favorite Technology: Mobile

Chronotype: Early Bird


Maia Fontaine

Sales + Marketing Lead

Motto: You make your own luck!

Hobbies: Singing Opera

Favorite App: Google Maps

Spirit Animal: Panda Bear

Favorite Technology: My phone, as an extension of my body

Chronotype: Night Owl


Palash Koutu

Customer Success

Motto: Chase your passion

Hobbies: Running, Cricket

Favorite App: Signal

Spirit Animal: Dog

Favorite Technology: Amazon

Chronotype: Night Owl

...along with a group of dedicated AI and software engineers, who's incredible work you'll see every time you use Reality AI 

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